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About HOLD

Often when people feel judged or that they will be judged if they share their deep, big emotions or feelings with another person, they tend to remain quiet. Most people resort to keeping those feelings bottled up, locked so tight inside that they burst with anger or frustration towards their loved ones. Or even worse, some turn to an unhealthy coping mechanism to keep them from feeling a certain way. 


At HOLD we never want you to feel like you’re alone. Our team of Listeners have been trained by founder Deb Porter, who has a 96 hour MDIV with a specialization in care and counseling from the University of Dubuque Theological Seminary and 3 units of CPE (Clinical Pastoral Education). She brings both her education and relevant life experience as a hospital chaplain, spousal caregiver (now divorced), former homeschool parent, and funeral arranger so that regardless of which Listener you meet with, you will feel heard.  

We are not therapists, but we are friendly, compassionate Listeners.  You won't get platitudes or clichés, rather understanding and full acceptance.

We ask that you don't share information about illegal acts. If you are suicidal, please seek professional help as that is beyond the scope of our service. 
Our rules are very simple -- be respectful and kind. Give us a try! We’re here to listen. 





Learn More About Deb Porter

At 19, Deb felt called to help people. Not many know what their purpose is at 19, but her formative years led to a deep understanding of the importance of having people there to listen and offer support. 


Early in her life, she served as a pastor. After some years, a family member came out as gay and changed her desire to stay in the church. Ultimately she made the decision to step down from her role.  She believes love is love.  


After she pivoted away from the church, her focus shifted towards caring for her then very ill husband. It took over her time and energy and her role changed from mom to caregiver almost overnight. When her two kids were young she sacrificed her role as mom temporarily to be a full-time ICU level caregiver to her husband. It was during these very dark times, HOLD began to form, unbeknownst yet to Deb. 


Eventually her husband recovered and regained his health. However 75% of marriages where long term caregiving is involved end in divorce and Deb found herself unexpectedly in that statistic. The couple chose to divorce shortly after his recovery. As Deb grieved the loss of her marriage she was also preparing her next move. 


Following her husband’s departure, she started working at a funeral home. Once again, the universe was planting seeds for what would later become HOLD. Deb found herself caring for others, however this time it was for those who had lost a loved one. 


Often, these times can be complicated and very emotional for family members and Deb found herself talking to and consoling many who simply needed a listening ear. She was present, listening to their pain without offering advice or judgment. She simply listened, something she wished she had during her time of caregiving for her husband. 


Then one day Deb found herself once again in a moment of preparation to pivot. The funeral home she had been working for could no longer pay her what she needed to make ends meet. This was the ultimate push into entrepreneurship she needed. 


Deb finally thought of all she could do with no limitations as she soaked in the knowledge and expanded her imagination with works from Napoleon Hill and Abraham Hicks. Her pure desire to serve and help people feel understood, heard and loved was finally beginning to take shape. It was in these moments she took a leap of true faith to follow her 19 year-old heart to help people. From that expansion and imagination, HOLD came to life.


Deb finally stepped fully into her superpower, to listen.  


Listen with empathy.
Listen with acceptance.
Listen with understanding.
Listen with compassion. 

Listen with love.


Experience the amazing feeling of being truly heard for yourself, or take one of the courses and discover the power of listening in your life.

With respect and integrity, we're ready to hear you.

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