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With respect and integrity, we're ready to hear you.

Our Mission Statement

We help people by listening without judgement, giving advice only when asked in a safe, confidential environment. 

Still unsure what we do?  Watch this short video


Allow yourself to experience catharsis, the release you feel after sharing strong emotions that you've held back.


Listeners are trained by Deb, who has a 96 hour MDIV with a specialization in care and counseling from the University of Dubuque Theological Seminary.  She brings both her education and relevant life experience as a hospital chaplain, spousal caregiver (now divorced), former homeschool parent, and funeral arranger so that regardless of which listener you meet with, you feel heard.  

We aren't therapists, but we are friendly, compassionate listening ears.  You won't get platitudes or clichés, rather understanding and compassion.  


We ask that you don't share information about illegal acts. If you are suicidal, please seek professional help as that is beyond the scope of our service. Our rules are very simple -- be respectful and kind. Give us a try!

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