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Welcome!  If you’re here, it’s because you’re looking for solutions to improve productivity, absenteeism, turnover rates. 


It is undeniable that we’re in unprecedented times.  Every day we read another article about the struggle of keeping people, finding new people, and employee focus.


Research is clear that businesses are losing lots of money.  Disengagement costs range from $3400 to $10,000 per employee every year.  For a business of 100 employees, this could up to as much as 1M a year in losses.  That is only the beginning!  


Further research by Gallop showed a 100-person organization that provides an average salary of $50,000 could have turnover and replacement costs of approximately $660,000 to $2.6 million per year. 


If your employee leaves your company, you lose not only that person, but the knowledge that he carries.  The loss of productivity, the loss of time finding and training someone new, and the hit to the morale of other employees are all less quantifiable, but no less real.  


We have a solution.


Why are we so confident?  Science backs us up.  When emotions are in a regulated state, the executive function of the brain moves to higher levels of cognition. 

HOLD’s programs offer a unique solution that can help stem the losses.  Employees who can talk to someone quickly, without fear of repercussions, are able to return to focus on their life, their job.  Additionally, the education we offer, when implemented company wide, will create an environment where respect and higher thinking will prevail.  

* 12 month plan

Basic Access


 3 Listening Appointments per employee

 5 Educational components 

Price per person is $450

Educational Components


  • Welcome 

  • C.O.R.E.

  • Listening to Your Clients

  • Listening Through Messes & Misses

  • Listening in Conflict

  • Boundaries

All Access


6 Listening Appointments per employee

 Zoom-In Your Skills with Deb Porter

All Educational materials

  Price per person is $600  

* 12 month plan

Educational Components


All Access includes everything in Basic


  • Avenue to Focus

  • Speaking to be Heard

  • Deciding Who to Talk to

  • Listening Skills Assessment

Managerial Material

  • Welcome for Managers

  • Listening to Hire and Onboard

  • Listening for Loyalty

  • (In development:  Hybrid Office, Toxicity)

Additional Materials continue to be added

Why have we made this solution so affordable?  We want to have the greatest impact, the farthest reach possible.  When you succeed, we succeed.  

To begin saving time and money, creating happy and productive employees, or if you would like to discuss a custom solution for your company, click below. 

Please feel free to sign up below for this free, no obligtion resource:

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