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Transform Your Business with Effective Listening

Are you a business owner seeking employee focus, a sales specialist aiming for top-tier client connections, or a middle manager navigating the pressures of leadership?

Discover the power of active listening to elevate your professional life.

Our Unique Approach

HOLD offers a distinctive two-tiered program to mitigate losses and enhance your organization's communication. Benefit from personalized mentoring or tailored teaching within your organization.  Or Both!

Ready to Act?

The time for action is now. Book a one-hour strategy call, and embark on a journey to improved communication, increased productivity, and business success.

Deb Porter, Founder of HOLD, is ready to share her expertise to transform your life and business. Thank you for considering us as your partner in success.


I'm Deb Porter

Founder and visionary behind HOLD Hearing Out Life Drama. I'm a dedicated expert in the art of active listening. My journey to becoming an active listening specialist is a unique blend of academic knowledge and real-life experiences that have profoundly shaped my approach.

I invite you to experience the incredible feeling of being truly heard for yourself.

I am passionate about helping you enhance your life through active listening, whether through a HOLD appointment or in a teaching capacity. It is a privilege to share this skill with you and empower you to make a difference in the lives of those you encounter.

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