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A HOLD client's experience...

We haven't shared a testimonial in a blog post before, but this one expounded so clearly on her process and what she experienced, we're delighted to share!

"Yesterday I had an argument with my significant other and I was very upset. I needed to process my intense emotions but this was not a conversation I could have with my family. I didn't want to feel judged by them, and I didn't want my partner to feel belittled by me sharing our personal struggles with them. But I needed to feel heard and comforted and I needed this right in that exact moment. Deb talked with me, she understood my feelings and made my point of view feel heard which was something my partner couldn't do in the moment because he was overwhelmed with his own stress. Deb has an extraordinary gift to validate and to help me process my feelings. When I started my call with Deb, I was upset to the point of being barely able to talk, to ending our conversation feeling peaceful and much calmer. Having dealt with my feelings in such a healthy way, later that day I was able to return to a conversation with my partner in a much more grounded, calmer and productive manner."

You desire a similar experience for your life drama, you can book here.

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