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Benefits of Being Heard

Updated: Jan 30, 2023

Being heard matters – in all realms of life.

When your boss hears you, you feel valued, respected.

When your friends hear you, you feel, yes, again, value and respect. And also, a sense of connectedness.

And when your significant other hears you, that strengthens the bonds, increasing the connection you have. It can strengthen your relationship to hear and be heard. The common thread is – value, respect, connection. Those are all things we need in life. It matters to us to feel heard.

Because sometimes, being heard can just lift a weight off you, or make you able to stop grinding your gears.

When we were developing the idea of HOLD, Deb said to Linda, let's just try this and see if 15 minutes really can make a difference. At the time, Deb had something eating at her in her job and so a timer was set, Deb unloaded to Linda and at the end there was an Ah-HA moment of "My GOD! I DO feel so MUCH better! I feel lighter!" And so the 15 minute option was added to the choices we offer--because we know it works! You matter. Hear, and be heard.

If you don’t currently have someone safe to talk to, about whatever it is you are stuck thinking about, HOLD Listeners are ready to care about what you need to talk about.

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