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Clay Pots

Updated: Jan 30, 2023

“Let's all smash clay pots together in our minds. We are on a very large slab of concrete, in a calm scenic place, and there are 100's of pots, and we are all allowed to smash as many as we want. GO!”

This is what Deb said, years ago, when she was, yet again, dealing with her husband’s chronic illness. It was another crisis moment, and she had reached the end of her rope (and yet, somehow, always managed to tie more rope on – she’s pretty amazing). Clay pots became a thing for our circle of friends.

Clay pots alone, though, won’t get rid of all your problems. In fact, studies have shown that venting into the void, without interaction with another person – things like shouting, punching a bag or pillow, and other solitary actions – can have the opposite effect, making people feel worse, more angry, more upset, than before. Deb didn’t have a qualified listener like HOLD back then, so the clay pots on social media were the best she could do. So when you want to rail at the world, take a few of these clay pots and smash them. A bonus to imaginary clay pot smashing – clean up is easy! But if you want to actually feel better, try smashing those pots while talking to HOLD.

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