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Updated: Jan 30, 2023

In this 4th and final blog post on our C.O.R.E. series, we consider the importance of empathy.

When we’re listening, we want to communicate, I hear you feel this way, it makes sense. I understand. We want to hold up a mirror for them in a sense (not an actual one, that would be weird), so they know we got it. And if we didn’t, hopefully they will let us know: “that’s not it. It’s more like…” and they give us the opportunity to try again.

This doesn’t mean that we need to share a similar thing that happened to us. After all, we’re not trying to make it about us but them. Rather we’re helping them know, “I’d feel that way too if I experienced that.” Honestly, it can be as simple as “that sucks”.

When the C.O.R.E. components have been followed, real connection happens. If you like this series and want to see it in its video format, you can find it on our YouTube channel - subscribe so you don't miss any other great content.

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