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How to make Rational (not emotional) Decisions--Guest blog by Shannon Peel

When we make certain decisions, we feel emotional, and those emotions can get in the way of making a good decision. Unless a bear is wanting to eat you, the decision can wait until you are in a more rational frame of mind. Now, if the bear looks hungry - RUN... or Google what you are supposed to do when facing down a hungry bear. Get Emotions Under Control Venting is a great way to get rid of all that emotional negativity and put it on to someone else who is listening to you empty out all the pain, anger, and frustration. Remember to let the person know you are good and they need not worry about you because you just needed to vent. Go for a run, the gym, or a boxing ring. For those of you who are physical and enjoy a good sweat, moving is the perfect way to burn off that emotional energy and sweat out the toxins. By the time you've showered and towelled off, you'll be in a better frame of mind to make a decision about the situation. Cook, paint, grab an instrument. Use your creativity to work through the emotional mess inside you. It will get your mind off the situation and you can create something out of the negativity you are feeling, which may tell you what is bothering you. Watch a comedy, read funny book, turn up the happy tunes on Spotify. Get your mind off the situation by doing something to make you laugh and smile. For some people, turning off the emotions is easy. For other people, turning off emotions is hard if not impossible. For those of us who feel on a deeper level and are affected by the emotions of others, situations can be traumatic and consume us as we try to process them. The emotional storms that rage within us can blind us from the truth of the situation or the actual intent of other people. For us, we need the time to decompress, to move through the pain, and find a way into our rational brains before we make a decision. The good news is that once the storm has passed, we can make a rational decision for a better outcome -- We just need to breathe first. Want to learn more ways to get your emotions under control? I will be speaking at the Beyond Trauma Summit about How to Change Your Narrative from Victim to Hero. Deb Porter will be speaking as well about The Power of Choice. The Summit begins on March 6th and runs through March 10th.. Join us and 13 other professionals who help people move beyond trauma for a better life. Click to get your ticket today!

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