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Invisible Tasks

Updated: Jan 30, 2023

We all have invisible tasks, but some people get less recognition than others. Parents, especially mothers, often feel the work they do is never noticed. When the clean clothes magically appear in your closet, and the pantry always has food, no one says a word. But the minute someone is hungry and the cupboard doesn’t have their favorite cereal, “Hey, Mom, we don’t have anything to eat!” When the only feedback we get is complaints, we often feel like it isn’t worth the bother to try. This isn’t just true in the home. Many people in the workplace feel unvalued for the work they do on behalf of the company. Necessary, unglamorous work is often ignored. Someone has to empty that full trash can before it spills over onto the floor. Someone has to restock returned items. Someone needs to verify inventory. Someone needs to proofread for typos. Yet too often, no one recognizes those tasks. The worker wonders why they bother. They may start putting in less effort. Or they may begin looking for a job elsewhere, where they will actually be appreciated. People talk about the Great Resignation as if it is a mystery. But maybe if invisible tasks start being seen, recognized, and respected, there may be a bit less mystery.

What to feel seen, heard and that you matter? Our listeners are ready to let you know unquestionably that you do;

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