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Updated: Jan 30, 2023

This bird is an expert flier. It didn’t start out that way. At first, it was in the nest, unable to fend for itself. But it developed strength in its wings, and soon fledged out of the nest. But it still wasn’t very good at this flying thing. But over time, it gained in strength and precision. And then was able to soar with the adults of its kind.

All new tasks are like this. We aren’t born knowing how to do very much, and none of it expertly. Not even eating. We learned, grew, developed. Learning new things is important. It’s how we grow as people. And, quite honestly, it’s fun to learn. Sometimes frustrating while we are in the development phase, but still, enjoyable. Stop, look back at how far you’ve come once in a while. Then continue learning.

It’s important to let yourself try and grow in your skills. We need to let ourselves do the thing, learn from the thing, figure out what we might be able to do better, and how that might be accomplished. Then try the thing again!

Remember that the Expert in ANYTHING was once a beginner.

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