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Practice Clearing

Updated: Jan 30, 2023

Just as a clearing in a forest allows the light to shine in, stimulating growth, clearing your mental space is important.

“Listening” sounds so simple and basic. In fact, it has been demanded of us since we were children! Nevertheless, listening is an active practice that requires intention. Sitting back and letting the sounds of the forest of the beach wash over you has a place, but when the expectation is that a need will be met, something deeper is required. Being in a frame of mind to receive what another is sharing with you can be gained by drawing a deep breath and focusing. When you are listening, it is important to clear that head space. Turn off the part of you that always creates a reply and instead tune in to how that other person is feeling. Unless there’s been a request for help problem solving, letting the person know you get where they are will allow them to keep going.

Listening in this way promotes both healing and growth.

HOLD listeners know this, and are ready to be there for you now.

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