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Silence between people

Updated: Jan 30, 2023

Sometimes, when we are listening, there is silence. And we have, in our society, been conditioned to fear silence. So often people speak to fill that void. But silence is okay. Thinking happens in silence. Processing happens in silence. Comfort happens in silence. Clarity can be found in silence.

Sitting in silence can be healing. Learning to be comfortable with silence, like learning most new things, happens in stages. First, we start to become aware and consider if we want change. Next, we make attempts to change and usually realize after the fact that we didn’t succeed. Then we try it, and it's uncomfortable. This practice, though at times frustrating, does lead to change. Awareness grows. Awkwardness disappears.

Being easy with silence is achievable as long as we move through the learning process, until at last we feel safe and calm in the quiet, trusting in what is unfolding.

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