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Updated: Jan 30, 2023

Splinters – they are such tiny little things. But such tiny, seemingly inconsequential things can hurt like heck!

They hurt more every time you put pressure on that spot, your finger, your toe, wherever it is. And you wince. Getting the splinter out may hurt a little, and there may be a little after pain after it is removed, but you can feel how much better it is right away. It just feels like it is starting to heal finally.

Sometimes, we get splinters in our minds. Small little things that eat away at us, chipping away at our peace of mind. On occasion, we can evict these thoughts from our minds on our own, maybe through meditation or prayer, or a good workout. But when they won’t vacate the premises, they can start to interfere with our daily lives. We can’t properly focus on our work, or shut them out to fall asleep. Those little mental splinters start to get very annoying! Rather than let them fester and become “infected”, it’s better to get help to get that splinter out. A trusted friend might be happy to listen, or a family member.

But if that isn’t the right solution for you, if, perhaps, the (usually) trusted person is the cause of the splinter, you need to move to someone outside your usual go-to people. If so, an appointment with HOLD may help. Book here today:

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