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Updated: Jan 30, 2023

When we think of stress, we usually think of negative things – illness, death, loss of job, divorce. And while those are definitely stressors in anyone’s life, those aren’t the only things that cause stress.

Many things that we consider good events in life are also known to be stressors. In psychology, these are known as "eustress"--the Greek prefix EU meaning "good". Think of getting married – always a joyous occasion, right? And it is. But, it is a life change. And life changes add to the stress in your life. Same thing with moving to a new (even better) home, or getting a new job, or promotion. Those are examples of positive stressors that happen occasionally. Then there are the expected events. Birthdays, holidays, anniversaries – most people view those as happy occasions. But they, too, contribute to the level of stress. Both eustress and stress can impact your overall health & well-being, regardless of whether the stress-trigger is something that makes you happy or not. Talking with someone about that stressor can help ease the amount of stress it causes, bringing benefits to you.

If you don’t have someone you can talk to about that stress, good or bad, you are currently experiencing, consider booking with HOLD. We listen.

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