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Updated: Jan 30, 2023

Although this meme could be interpreted many ways, we like to think it means that we should care about others. All others.

Misty Tripoli of BodyGroove says, “stretch only until you feel sensation, not pain.” We can choose to do that with our physical bodies. It is more difficult to protect our heart.

Stretching can be uncomfortable. But stretching also helps prevent pain.

Last night I was watching an interview from a SuperSoul episode with Oprah Winfry and Shaka Sengor, a man who served time in prison for murdering a man named David. As Oprah found love and compassion for Shaka, I found my heart stretched too. Love amplifies.

The events of our lives present us with choices to stretch into love or to become hard. We prefer stretching.

If you find that it's too much of a stretch for people you know to listen to you, we're available. You can book here:

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