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What our Clients are saying...

This is an incredible service - the kind of thing that makes you wonder how you ever lived without it, and why you didn't think of it yourself! GREAT way to unload tough stuff you'd rather not divulge to someone you know."          -Anonymous

Safrianna Lughna, "As a therapist, I understand not everyone will be a good fit for HOLD’s services. If you’re needing to unpack trauma and do ongoing work, please seek therapy. However, if you’re a person who needs a supportive, listening ear, have finished ongoing therapy, or just need a space you can authentically vent, I believe HOLD offers immense value. It’d also be a great resource for therapists to provide clients they’ve terminated with because the client has graduated from needing ongoing treatment!"  You can read Safrianna's full blog and the interview with Deb here.

“I can tell you that the release of stuff truly helps. I am so thankful that I was listened too and was able to release the garbage of chaos.” - S.F.

"Yesterday I had an argument with my significant other and I was very upset. I needed to process my intense emotions but this was not a conversation I could have with my family.  I didn't want to feel judged by them, and I didn't want my partner to feel belittled by me sharing our personal struggles with them. But I needed to feel heard and comforted and I needed this right in that exact moment.  Deb talked with me, she understood my feelings and made my point  of view feel heard which was something my partner couldn't do in the moment because he was overwhelmed with his own stress. Deb has an extraordinary gift to validate and to help me process my feelings. When I started my call with Deb, I was upset to the point of being barely able to talk, to ending our conversation feeling peaceful and much calmer.  Having dealt with my feelings in such a healthy way, later that day I was able to return to a conversation with  my partner in a much more grounded, calmer and productive manner." L.W.

"Your call yesterday--I can't even begin to tell you how much that meant to me.  I can honestly tell you, it got me through the day.  I appreciate it more than you may ever know.  Thank you for listening.  Thank you for your kind and encouraging words.  THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING." (emphasis - client)

I scheduled an appointment with HOLD immediately after finding out some news that I wasn't sure how to process. Deb was incredible. She listened, only offered insight after I asked for it, and I left the conversation with a sense of ease and able to breath. So grateful for a resource like this – Inbal G.

"She listened and helped guide me when I didn't feel I could mentally take another step."  -- H.C.

"You tuned in immediately, listened with empathy and offered gentle encouragement.   I felt refreshed."  --H.G.

"You helped me slow down and feel like every part of what I'm feeling is okay and right.  Then I can move on instead of feeling overwhelmed or waste energy on feeling wrong.  The permission was marvelous!" --Rachel

"When my life was suddenly a chaotic, painful mess, she supported me by listening intently and without judgment.  Her patience and quiet insight helped me find my way through the painful reality." Annonymous

“I loved that I could really let it all out and not have any judgment for my thoughts. I haven’t cried like that for a long time. I needed that.” - Anonymous

Wow, I did not expect the sense of relief to be so immediate and tangible. Thank you!  AMK

"I have shared some very deep personal information.  She listened without judgment and provided insight when asked into my life.  The fog is gone and I can see my path more clearly."  -K.B.

"I just needed someone to hear what I was feeling and thinking. I didn't really need advice or counseling. I reached out to H.O.L.D. to see what it was all about and found exactly what I needed just then. Someone who listened without judgment or advice. It allowed me to talk through the problems I'd been struggling with. After talking to her, I was able to feel better about the choice I knew I had to make. I'll definitely call her again and recommend the service to friends who need a listening ear. Thank you for being there!!" Jeannine S.

“I am so grateful for you, Deb. I value the space you hold for others, the compassion you have in your heart, and the work you do to bring about positive change.”  - B.N.C.S.

Purging the the negativity helped me maintain a positive outlook.  - S.F.

"You are unique in your ability to 'hear' beyond the words I used." - J.A.

Publisher & Author, Eden Wakefield, shares her experience with HOLD.

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