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Gain Clarity & Feel a Sense of Relief
HOLD Professional Listeners are safe, compassionate, and confidential.

You deserve respect, integrity, and to be heard.


  • When you're overwhelmed and need someone to talk to


  • When people you know are too close to the problem
                       or worse, ARE the problem -


You have another option: HOLD.  Breathe easy again.


Encourage employee loyalty, alleviate stress, lower insurance claims, improve absenteeism and demonstrate care to your staff. 


Contact us for details or a custom solution.

Listening Appointments

We offer listening appointments to accommodate your life and budget.

Confidential, without judgment,  and without advice unless you *specifically* ask us.  



FREE!  Runaway Freight Train Brain: Listening when your brain runs ahead!

Create a Peaceful Home: Make your home a refuge again!

Listen Your Way to Deeper Connections 

Other courses in development.

A word from our founder...

Read more  about our founder, our mission and our committment to inclusivity without bias here.

To contact us or to request a pay it forward appointment with the below form.  If you'd like to sign up for our newsletter, please go to our blog page. 

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