h o l d


Less than a therapist, different from a family member, friend or coworker

Now available to hear you


There are times in our lives we just need to talk.  We are a listening service to meet that need. When people in our circle aren't available, are tired of the same story or perhaps are part of the problem, HOLD is here for you--take a load off your mind.


Whatever the feeling, we can hold it with you.  


Listening Appointments

We listen to life drama, not trauma.  We listen confidentially, without judgment.  

We offer listening appointments to accommodate your life and budget:

15 minutes for $25

30 minutes for $50

45 minutes for $75 



Sponsor time for your team members for a bulk discount!  Encourage employee retention, alleviate stress, lower insurance claims, and demonstrate care to your staff.  Contact us for rates.

Pay It Forward

Do you remember a time someone listened intently to you and how you felt after?  You can pay it forward.  Purchase an appointment that can be given to someone who does!  Give a gift of compassion and care.