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HOLD is a safe, compassionate and confidential listening service. We can help you return to focus - fast.  

We believe in respect, integrity and the right of everyone to be heard.  


There are times in our lives we just need someone to talk to.  We are a confidential listening service to meet the need, that is different than therapy. When people in your circle aren't available, are tired of the same story or perhaps are part of the problem, HOLD is here for you--breathe easy again.

No long wait, and appointments are short.  Get to what's hurting right away.


Whatever the feeling, we can hold it with you.  


Encourage employee loyalty, alleviate stress, lower insurance claims, improve absenteeism and demonstrate care to your staff. 


Contact us for details or a custom solution.

Listening Appointments

We offer listening appointments to accommodate your life and budget.

Confidential, without judgment,  and without advice unless you *specifically* ask us.  


Pay it

Do you remember a time someone listened intently to you and how you felt after?  You can pay it forward.

Support our mission to help people through listening.  

A word from our founder...

Read more  about our founder, our mission and our committment to inclusivity without bias here.

To contact us or to request a pay it forward appointment with the below form.  If you'd like to sign up for our newsletter, please go to our blog page

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