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Gift Certificates

Give the gift of a listening ear to someone you know who could use it.
Seems like a good idea,  but unsure what to say?

Feel free to use our suggestions as they are, or change them to be more personal.



  • "I might not always be the right person for you to talk to, and I still want you to feel heard.  HOLD is completely confidential, they don't try to fix you, but they will listen without judgment.  I'm gifting you this, so you can have a compassionate ear."

  • "In case I'm part of the drama: a gift for you.  You can make a confidential listening appointment that's convenient for you.  I care.  You matter."

  • "For when I can't be your everything, HOLD will listen."

  • "I know you don't want therapy, and I get that!  HOLD is different than therapy.  This is a gift for a one time session where you can put it all out there and it's completely confidential."

  • "I remember holidays are hard for you.  I hope this gift helps you get through."

  • "I know this is a difficult time for you.  I'm thinking of you, and I hope this gift can ease your way."

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