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  • What is professional listening?
    Professional listening is a service that allows a client to talk about whatever they want to during their appointment without judgment or bias. This gives space to the client to release tensions due to bottling up problems or thoughts they cannot share with those closest to them.
  • How quickly can I get a professional listening appointment?
    Our calendar is set to show our availability. It could be as little as an hour. When you book an appointment, select your time zone, then choose when you want a professional listener. We get an alert when you book, and your listener will contact you at the appointed time. If none of our open slots work for you, please email us with your desired date & time. We will open a spot for you. You matter.
  • Why should I talk to a professional listener instead of a therapist?
    Therapists are great and handle things outside our scope. Therapists help you deal with trauma and difficult life changes. HOLD professional listeners prevent drama from piling up and becoming more difficult. Unlike therapy, you don’t have to worry: How do I choose a therapist? Will it be a good fit? How quickly can I make an appointment? How can I find all that time? Instead you can talk to a professional listener daily and feel lighter. All that for as little as $25!
  • Is a professional listener different from a life coach?
    Yes! A life coach is trying to help you get a new life direction. A professional listener is here to help listen to where you are. You must ask us if you wish for our advice.
  • Why choose you over EAP?
    EAPs should work. However, I am highly aware that many people don't trust that information won't leak back to their employer, I understand that unless there's 100% confidence that confidentiality is complete, EAPs won't work. I guarantee that no one will ever know who booked or why. It is FOUNDATIONAL.
  • Are you LGBTQ+ friendly?
    Yes, our professional listeners are both LGBTQ+ friendly and knowledgeable.
  • How should I choose whether phone, zoom or chat is best for me?"
    When you imagine each one, which makes you feel most comfortable? We recommend you pick that one.
  • What if I need to cancel?
    If you need to cancel your professional listening appointment, we ask that you please do so 24 hours in advance. We get that life happens, and we don't always get to control life emergencies. Please email us for any special circumstances and have reasonable expectations.
  • Can I extend my appointment if it turns out not to be enough time?
    No. We may have another professional listening appointment scheduled, so we can't extend a call even if you request it. Please make sure you schedule for the time you will need. We will give you the full allotted time, but we can't give you more.
  • Who initiates and ends the call/chat/zoom?
    We do. This is how we successfully manage our time and help as many people as possible.
  • I'm not 18 yet, can I use your service?"
    No. You must be 18 and when you sign our user agreement, you assure us you are. We will end any call immediately if we discover we are speaking with a minor. The legalities of minors are too complex for us to be able to help. We recommend talking to a school counselor, a friend's parent, or a therapist if you are under age 18. (Sorry! It does get better!)
  • How can I redeem a Pay It Forward slot?
    Use our contact form to request a Pay It Forward slot. We will email you a code to schedule.
  • How can I purchase a Pay It Forward slot?
    So glad you asked! Simply click "Pay it forward" and indicate which type of listening session (15, 30, or 45) and how many you'd like to purchase. You can use the plus and minus to add or subtract the number of sessions. The accounting is separate for PIF in order for us to make sure each Pay It Forward gift is offered and redeemed by someone who needs it. This is why you see "add to cart."
  • How do you determine who can redeem a Pay It Forward slot?
    We use the honor system. We trust that you understand a kind person has offered a gift and you will use it wisely.
  • What's your Privacy Policy?
    Our Privacy Policy is contained in our User Agreement. See 8 for the complete legalese. We do not sell information.
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