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Updated: Jan 30, 2023

Imagine you have something that you’ve been thinking about. You really want to share it with someone. It could be something annoying, maddening, anger-inducing, exciting delightful. There are so many reasons we humans need the connection of sharing, and it could be any of them. But you also don’t want it spreading, maybe just for a while, maybe never. How comfortable are you going to be telling it to a family member or close friend, someone who knows others who know you? Might you be hesitant to speak to them, because they might spill the beans? Now how would you feel telling that to someone who cares, but doesn’t know anyone else in your life, and is sworn to confidentiality – who will lose their job if they blab? Who do you relax when talking to? There’s a reason HOLD maintains a firm confidentiality policy. (Barring something illegal – if you are telling us you will do something illegal, we can’t promise confidentiality on that.) We know that it doesn’t do any good to share something and then fret it will get back to the wrong person or people. Since our goal is benefit for YOU, we will always remain caring, compassionate, non-judgemental, and CONFIDENTIAL. Mum’s the word!

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