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Updated: Jan 30, 2023

Just as a snow fence helps channel snow to where it will do the best good, and least harm, so do boundaries help us in our daily personal and professional lives.

Boundaries are a form a self-care. They help to avoid burnout, aid in focus, and allow you to have more mental (and in some cases, physical) resources to do the things you want to do.

In order to set proper boundaries, you need to know what the job of those boundaries is. In one’s personal life, it may be necessary to say, “I need some time alone to gather my thoughts each day” to your family, or to tell them that certain possessions are for you only. In professional life, too, boundaries are helpful. They can help keep the lines between personal and professional from blurring, something that can lead to one never being able to turn off. That is a sure path to burnout. Still taking business calls at family dinner time? Pause and ask yourself why. Is there a limiting belief that stops you from letting it go to voicemail? In order to set boundaries, you need to define what the boundaries are, and communicate that to the person or people who need to know the boundaries. Keep it simple – we can remember simple things more readily than complicated things. What if the boundary that you so carefully crafted turns out to not really work well for you? There is nothing wrong with revisiting, reassessing, and modifying it – or tossing it out altogether, if you no longer feel it is needed. Keep healthy boundaries, and they will help you keep a mentally healthier life.

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