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Write Things Down

Updated: Jan 30

Write things down before you forget them. We're not just talking about adding eggs to the grocery list (though obviously that's smart too).

This was the inspiration for a blog post a while back, Peanut Butter in the Air Vent

but it bears repeating.

Lots of people have baby books that give you a place to record height and weight at checkups, immunizations, first word, and that sort of thing.

That’s a good start to “write things down” – but it is limited to dry details and common items that are universal to all children.

But what about the rest? The silly mispronunciations (my husband and I still refer to one of the planets as “Saturin”) and the strange way they sometimes looked at the world. What was baby’s first joke?

Perhaps because I only had one, I remember a fair number of silly things, but I know there are many others that are gone forever.

You can’t get them back unless you build a time machine. Until then, writing things down is as close to a time machine as we’ve got.

If you have a time machine, PLEASE let us know. If you don't, and just want or need to talk to a caring ear, remember to make an appointment at

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