"You helped me slow down and feel like every part of what I'm feeling is okay and right.  Then I can move on instead of feeling overwhelmed or waste energy on feeling wrong.  The permission was marvelous!" --Rachel

"You are unique in your ability to 'hear' beyond the words I used." --JA

"When my life was suddenly a chaotic, painful mess, she supported me by listening intently and without judgment.  Her patience and quiet insight helped me find my way through the painful reality."

"She listened and helped guide me when I didn't feel I could mentally take another step.  I know she will answer any message."  -- H.C.

"You tuned in immediately, listened with empathy and offered gentle encouragement.   I felt refreshed."  --H.G.

"I have shared some very deep personal information.  She listened without judgment and provided insight when asked into my life.  The fog is gone and I can see my path more clearly."  --K.B.

Eden's experience...