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I Am

Updated: Jan 30, 2023

Fill in the blank. What do you want to be? I choose: Joyful, Grateful, Confident, Loving, Calm, Creative, Caring, Healthy. Believe you are, and you create it. Obviously, we don’t create everything all at once. This is why intention is important. Inevitably we do change what we direct our minds toward.

Linda, Deb’s partner in the HOLD venture, has been learning to paint. Her skills have transformed and it’s obvious she’s decided she is a painter and a fabulous artist at that (no idea how she managed to create a Redbubble--WindArt store with all she does for HOLD)!

The more we guide our thoughts to the way we want to be, the more easily we slide into those patterns of thinking and living. The more those patterns are ingrained, the easier it is to continue with those patterns.

Make sure you are consciously choosing what you want to become.

If you need someone to hear you WITHOUT making suggestions while you are trying to sort through that, HOLD hears you.

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